Daibhí Mac Domhnaill MILI

Daibhí is a landscape architect and urban designer who for over twelve years has worked on a wide spectrum of projects; from master planning new urban neighbourhoods, transport interchanges and industrial lands to overseeing the implementation of hard and soft landscape works on a variety of projects.

From 2002-2007 Daibhí worked as an urban designer for Murray Ó Laoire Architects. Projects undertaken here included the award winning Killarney Urban Masterplan and a masterplan for Ceannt Station in Galway. Daibhí has extensive experience in Community Participation and working with multiple stakeholder groups.

Daibhí has taught on the landscape architecture programme at University College Dublin and has written for and edited LANDSCAPE IRELAND. In 2011 Daibhí gave a presentation on Green Infrastructure at the National Planning Conference.


urbanism is about living together

We view our work as the design and delivery of habitat for human beings and our core ethos is pursuing this agenda and seeking to find the best fit solutions for people.

urbanism is landscape
landscape = cultivated wilderness

The notion of landscape describes the interface of physical geography and human culture. Landscapes are without exception affected and shaped by human activity (cultivated) yet always retain degrees of unpredictability (wilderness). Sustainable urbanism must accommodate the wilderness of our environment as it cannot subdue it.

we work from the generic to the site specific

In an era of fast paced globalised trends we seek distinctiveness in the inherent geography of a site.

landscape architecture is . . .

The Landscape Architect is a critical contributor to the continuous reconstruction of human geography. The Landscape Architect is not a fine artist but a decision maker and strategist, with social and ecological responsibilities. We seek to achieve projects that successfully deliver; functional robustness, interactivity, human comfort, joy, visual delight and longevity.


Urban Design

  • Urban Design
  • Framework plans and masterplans
  • Feasability studies
  • Green infrastructure plans
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Local Area Plans
  • SuDS strategies
  • Design guides

Landscape Architecture

  • Hard and soft landscape design from concept to construction
  • Landscape master plans
  • Planning applications
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment (EIA)
  • Design of SuDS features
  • Tender documents
  • Construction drawings
  • Planting plans


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